Kaweco package

Category: Tools

The Double Twin Shift is the most professional way to inject your manure. The Double Twin Shifts make themselves indispensable by their huge volume, filling capacity, capacity, maneuverability and their well thought-through chassis.


  • Polycount: n/a
  • Textures: Diffuse, Specular,Normal
  • Capacity: 14.000 Litres


  • Model: Wopster
  • Texture: Katsuo, Xentro, Niggels939
  • Animation: Wopster
  • Ingame: Wopster
  • Scripts: Fruktor, Xentro & Wopster


  • fully Animated
  • Moveable axis (min. of 5km/h to extend axis)
  • Attachable power shaft
  • Fillable
  • Attachable hoses
  • Mouscontrol
  • Control Panel
  • Washable
  • IK Chain
  • Tire Pressure System
  • Suction Arm with IK Chain
  • Reallights
  • Dustwheels